UKRAINE Do not humiliate Russia? Macron makes enemies among his friends

For Ukrainian leaders, France and Germany are part of “old Europe”. They are accused of indecision, softness, even compromise with Russia. They are talking about Munich II.

Some phrases are not appreciated: “not to lead Putin into a dead end” – “to allow him to save face”, and the Ukrainians fear that these two powers are able to promote a peace agreement with territorial concessions from Ukraine . Which for them is a truly shocking project.

But when President Macron now says that Russia should not be humiliated, it is for them as if, in his time, Roosevelt had said that Hitler’s Germany should not be humiliated.

Thus we find this reaction which comes from the bottom of the heart on facebook and which shows the “disgust” of a good part of this bruised people:

« 100 days of bloody war, 100 days of murder of civilians, 100 days of rape by Russian cattle of Ukrainian women and children, 100 days of destruction of Ukrainian towns and villages, 100 days of struggle between good and evil , peace and darkness, civilization and degradation, and this president who spent 100 hours of telephone conversations with Putin [I failed to translate the original word]: he says that Russia cannot be humiliated! !!! What ???? How disgusting he is, and we were always worried about him in the elections! »

100 днів кривавої війни, 100 днів вбивст цивільних людей , 100 днів ґвалтування російським бидлом українських жінок та дітей , 100 руйнування українських міст та селищ , 100 днів боротьби добра і зла , світа та темряви , цивілізації і деградації , а цей президент , який провів 100 годин розмов по телефону з путлєром: каже , що росію не можна уніжати !!!! Що ???? Який же він мерзотний, а ми ще за нього хвилювалися на виборах!

However, one can conceive in a certain way that it is necessary to be a strategist with Putin. By saying this Macron wanted to make a political calculation, to try to appease the rabid bear. But deep down inside himself and a majority of French people, this devious criminal is of course infrequent.

That said, whether it’s Biden or the Pope, everyone thinks we’re going to have to talk. The goal is of course to make the invaders leave, to return to the borders of Ukraine before the Russian aggressions. France does not recognize the annexation of Crimea.

This is not about making Russia disappear, bad as it is.

History shows that dictatorial and criminal regimes collapse on themselves and that foreign interference to drive out tyrants does not work well and creates many problems. But the Ukrainians do not have time to wait.

And even if Zelenski says the opposite, given the present situation, it will be difficult for him not to “negotiate” with his enemy, at least in part. His intransigent attitude now is understandable, but it also involves an element of strategy.

If France helps Ukraine militarily and in other ways. If it participates seriously in sanctions against Russia, which costs it a lot (disappearance of many French companies from Russia, inflation, etc.), it is because it is convinced of the justice of the cause of this country and that it put political and human considerations ahead of its economic problems. The Ukrainians should not doubt it.

This does not prevent us from understanding that Macron’s words can be judged as unfortunate, by those who suffer from this war, as by many of us.

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